Fog in August - Review (E.I.F.F)

'Fog in August' is a German drama film which stars Ivo Pietzcker, Sebastian Koch, Thomas Schubert and Fritzi Haberlandt. This film is directed by Kai Wessel.

'Fog in August' is a film about a sensitive subject which has not been explored before in mainstream cinema, this drama deals with the so-called 'euthanasia hospitals' where doctors would kill their patients who are not seen as desirable by the Nazi dictatorship. Director Kai Wessel deals with the subject in a respectful manor that is heart wrenching and hard hitting. The story of this film is tragic to say the least, especially once you have an understanding of the subject matter. The film features a powerful script with some of the best performances I have seen this year from the films cast. Similar to other holocaust films such as 'Schindler's List' and 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' the film is follows the theme of optimism in the face of the characters pessimistic world that we see through a child's eyes. The cinematography is also a highlight, the film features a brownish tint to it's colour palette which reflects the somber atmosphere of the film. Despite the story and setting of the film, there is quite a bit of humor which is integrated really well as serves for great storytelling as well as being much needed comic relief.

I believe that this film is best seen with knowing as little as possible, so I will not get into any plot details, but I will say that I have a very minor issue with 'Fog in August' which is that I believe that the story line between the main character (a young boy) and a young girl, feels slightly overused, but I understand and appreciate why it is there. Overall 'Fog In August' is a thought provoking, earth shattering film which I would highly recommend to anyone who is interested in the history of the holocaust or mental illness, nevertheless this film is sure to be effective to everyone who sees it.

Rating: 9/10