Christine (Review)

'Christine' is a independent drama film which stars Rebecca Hall and Michael C. Hall. This film is directed by Antonio Campos.

Based on a true event, this film is based on television reporter Christine Chubbuck and her time during reporting for WXLT-TV. In this film Christine is portrayed as a woman aiming between a fine line of fame and prestige as she attempts to work her way up the news broadcast industry with human interest stories. In similar fashion to Dan Gilroy's 2014 thriller 'Nightcrawler' this film explores the cynical side of TV news stations and the feeling of being detached from the people you work with. The highlight of 'Christine' is unquestionably Rebecca Hall's stunning central performance, her line delivery, body language and all the small instances of her performance make Christine one of the most memorable characters of recent film memory.

This film can be interpreted in many ways and will make most audiences have different views regarding what it's underlying theme is. I saw it as an allegory for depression, which is beautifully demonstrated throughout the entirety of the film. While this type of theme being explored may make people unconformable it's a powerful way of portraying depression and how people like Christine, who suffer from depression see the world from their own perspective.

As for the technical side 'Christine' is shot perfectly, it may not have flashy visuals, but almost every frame hits home the character, story and tone of the film. This film is near perfect for the majority of it's runtime. The only issue for me was the final 5 minutes of the film as I believe that they made the film slightly less powerful than it could of been if they cut the them away, however Christine is a film which is certainly worth checking out and supporting, as at this point in time it remains largely unheard of.

Rating: 9/10