Live By Night (Review)

'Live By Night' is a period crime drama film which stars Ben Affleck, Sienna Miller and Elle Fanning. Ben Affleck has also written and directed this film.

Ben Affleck has previously expressed his passion to make a classic gangster film that resembles the heyday of Warner Brothers. The look of this film completely ticks that box which Robert Richardson being the film cinematographer. This film is filled with beautiful lighting and production design which express the passion and attention to detail that the filmmakers have for this film, unfortunately it does not transcend in the script.

Although 'Live By Night' is visually stunning and is a brilliantly shot film, it's hard to get invested because of the films underdeveloped characters and confusing storytelling. The characters motivations seemed to be rushed or unexplained which makes it hard to understand or even care about the actions and decisions they are making in the film. This film does have redeeming qualities though, Elle Fanning gives a good performance with the material she is given and makes the most impact than any of the other actors with her character. Underneath the boring characters and unbalanced story structure they're some interesting highlight scenes which grab your attention, but because of the writing they don't hold you for long, which is a shame because the plot itself has a lot of potential.

I am going to give 'Live By Night' a