BBFC Certificate: 12A

'Suffragette' is a period drama film which stars Carey Mulligan, Helena Bonham Carter and Meryl Streep and is directed by Sarah Gavron.

Suffragette is one of the first films to be released in the Oscar/Bafta race of historical drama movies. As expected the performances are great. Carey Mulligan shines in the lead role giving us a strong but also vulnerable character. Helena Bonham Cater delivers another good performance to her very impressive resume. Meryl Steep is, of course good, but don't expect much from her as she only makes a very short appearance in the film, more of a cameo than a supporting performance. Aside from the performances, the film from a technical stand point has some impressive features such as the costume design and make up which stripped down the glossy look of most period dramas.

For me, the film does has it's flaws, I feel the film is a bit cliche at times and does often take the 'safe' route, nevertheless 'Suffragette' will please the audience it's catered for and will be a good example of a film to watch in history class.

Rating: 7/10