The Visit

The Visit

BBFC Certificate: 15

'The Visit' is a comedy horror film which is written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

M. Night Shyamalan has eventually returned to form with this small and claustrophobic film. The people of the general public who viewed the "Paranormal Activity" like advertising may be disappointed to find that this is not a 'in the dark jump-fest' instead the film is more of a fun adventure coming-of-age film with some horror and thriller elements thrown in. Shyamalan parodies the over serious loud horror movies while being satirical about his previous movies. The film plays with it's found footage settings with success because it revolves of the film's story and characters. The film has great performances from it's small cast and an atmosphere that many low budget horror films fail to provide.

The film does have it's flaws though, such as some of the flat out comedy dialogue which fails to deliver. And the films cinematic visuals can sometimes seem too grand for a found footage film.

Rating: 7/10