The Gift

The Gift

BBFC Certificate: 15

'The Gift' is a psychological thriller film which is Joel Edgerton's directorial debut.

Due to the cliche horror trailer (consistent uses of unnecessary loud sound effects) I did not expect much from 'The Gift', however the film was a great surprise. The film features stellar performances from it's three main actors and a brilliant script to match it's "Fincher-like" direction. Not only is this feature enjoyable on an entertainment factor, but it is also relevant to today's culture and society; should we let the past become irreverent? Even my own views on the film's subject were given a new perspective.

They're some very minor problems that appear, such as the third act becoming a tad repetitive, but this film is certainly a successful debut from Edgerton and I look forward to see what he has is store for his next picture.

Rating: 9/10