Justice League (Review)

'Justice League' is a superhero action film which stars Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Ezra Miller, Jason Momoa, Ray Fisher and Henry Cavill. This film is directed by Zack Snyder.

Like many superhero films, Justice League has been the subject of much anticipation and dread. Each exciting news released is soon met with a red label warning of how much of a mess it will be. It's no secret that DC had been struggling with critics and audiences alike, but public opinion has since changed with this year's 'Wonder Woman', so naturally people are split whether to be excited about this or dread it's release it multiplexes everywhere.

The truth is that this film feel a lot more balanced than one would expect, whether it be a positive or negative aspect of the film, the tone is always consistent which is what my largest worry was. The 2 hour run time seems very restrictive for a film of this scale, yet this works both as a blessing and a curse, the positive is that the film is fast paced and each scene feels urgent and essential, yet with a rushed narrative which spends too little building character development. At first when I saw 'BVS' I felt that the world building and visual effects were bad because they didn't look realistic, but watching this film, with it's lighter tone the world fits in naturally with the story that is being presented.

As far as the characters are concerned Batman, Wonder Woman and Flash are fleshed out the most, Aquaman has some good scenes, but it's Cyborg who is stuck without much meaningful and memorable dialog, but he's given heavy exposition to explain who he is. As a team, the characters play well off each other and provide the film with some of it's best scenes. The performances are of a good and memorable quality especially from the likes of Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller. The action sequences are very fun to watch because they dial them up to 11 here, if you want realism, you won't find it in this film, but for the type of film it is, it's all the better for it. Most surprising of all is that despite the amount of time Superman is on-screen, he is far more interesting to watch then he is in previous DC installments.

Overall, 'Justice League' is not a runaway success and is problematic, but yet this film doesn't feel like a hot mess unlike 'BVS' and 'Suicide Squad', it's an entertaining film which is serviceable, but disposable, but it was a fairly enjoyable watch nevertheless.

Rating: 6/10