Fences (Review)

'Fences' is a period drama film which stars Denzel Washington and Viola Davis. This film is also directed by Denzel Washington.

Adapted from the 1980's Broadway play of the same name 'Fences' has been a long time passion project for Denzel Washington. The revival broadway cast return with Washington helming the directors chair. The choice to cast actors who have performed this play was wise because they have a lot of experience with the screenplay which is clearly present when seeing the drama on-screen. Unsurprisingly Denzel Washington and Viola Davis give brilliant performances, as do the entire cast, which is impressive when considering the huge amount of dialog in the film, but when you've done this story over 100 times you can only get better. The dialog is compelling and is filled with character.

To adapt the play into a cinematic form, the film opens the world that the characters live in, instead of just being set in the backyard of the family house, the film shows us the streets of pittsburgh which works well for the films opening, however the film spends time establishing the world of the characters into the second act which feels unnecessary and does slightly ruin the pacing of the film for me.  My only other compliant is that the ending to the film is a bit over the top with it's themes. Overall Fences is drama film which is worth viewing for any fan of film or literature because of it's script and acting.

Rating: 8/10