Manchester by the Sea (Review)

'Manchester By The Sea' is a drama film which is written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan and stars Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams.

One of the front runners for the upcoming Academy Awards, 'Manchester By The Sea' has been already showered with critical praise and accolades and after seeing it I can say it's no surprise why.

This film boasts a brilliant screenplay from Kenneth Lonergan which creates perfectly realised characters in a realistic and relatable situation with realistic dialog which gives a honest portrayal of real people without relying on too much exposition. Casey Affleck gives a excellent performance which is appropriately subdued and understated. The supporting members of the cast also give great performances which help support the dramatic weight of the story. Lonergan creates a wonderful sense of dark and dry humour to balance out the dark and dreary melancholy tone of the film. While some people maybe put off by the strong use of the film's score I admired the way it seemed to overpower the scene to capture the emotions of the characters which are indescribable. I only have a few minor issues with 'Manchester By The Sea', while I would praise the use of the score I do feel that a few scenes run quite overlong and although Micheal Williams gives an honorable performance, her climatic scene feels a little rushed and slightly out of place.

Overall 'Manchester By The Sea' is a film which is an honest, heartwarming and relatable story for the everyday person and presents how entertainment can seamlessly represent reality while still being engaging.

I am going to give 'Manchester By The Sea' a ...